Why Wattpad Works

Ask a hundred Watpadders why Wattpad works and you'll get a hundred answers. This article you are about to read is biased. I say that because it's based on this author's opinion of Wattpad, which is that despite having glitches, flaws, and a ranking system that takes engineers and decoder to figure out, it works, and works well.
Wattpad was originally started in 2006 by Allen Lau and Ivan Yuen as a platform for readers and writers to meld together and make magic. And they did. In 2011 it was selected as the hottest Digital Media company in the country. After becoming app friendly, Wattpad has had an explosion of traffic and has branched out to becoming a launch pad for books, television series, and soon to be movies.
Wattpad has over 35 million visitors a month and now boasts over two million writers all using the platform to launch their voices and chase their dreams. But what can Wattpad actually offer that Reddit and Goodreads can't seem to touch?
The magic of Wattpad, in this writer's opinion, is all about community. The Wattpad forum is a special blend of profiles, threads, chat rooms, and community spirit that works because it seems so seamless.
People like me aren't ashamed to admit we are addicted, or that our virtual Wattpad families are just as important, if not more important, than the ones we sit with at the table. The people on Wattpad understand writer's block, frustration at deadlines, doing something for the full on passion despite the lack of a paycheck. And most of all, they encourage each other to be better. Finding an error, pointing out a plot hole, or just giving a friendly comment or vote is like getting a hallmark card in the mail. Need I say more? I will!
Wattpad has branched out exponentially in the past year. Twitter groups, writing contests from GE, Target, Coke a Cola, and most recently, a profile sprouting up from both TNT and Tales From the Crypt to start scouting the talent for a new and refreshed season. Wattpad is the orchard, and the buyers are paying attention!
Want more proof that Wattpad works? Give this a thought. Wattpad has about 100 paid positions. Seriously. The rest of the work done behind the scenes is all free labor by people so loyal and so enamoured with the system they volunteer to do things like run contests, be community engagement specialists, troll chat rooms, and threads, and make sure things run smoothly. These "Ambassadors" are everywhere. In fact, this author is currently undergoing the training to become one of these unsung, unpaid so volunteers. Why? Because Wattpad has me convinced.
My first story on Wattpad was like my first view of the promised land. I read a book, made a comment, and got an answer! Instant interaction from an author who made me feel things I wouldn't have thought possible in a free online book. But it happened. For me, It didn't' take long to start typing my own stories and now, too many books in too many genres to list, I'm still an addict.
I've seen people go other places, I've seen people stay and complain about all the things they wish they could change, but those are the minority of Wattpadders. What I see most is a community of people that I have never met, never heard the voices of, but would be able to pick out in a line-up of hundreds because they are my friends. I know their writing voice, their quirks, their likes, and dislikes, and without the stigma of race, creed, color, sex, or any barrier you can bring, I know them for all they bring to my life on a daily basis. And they know me.
Why does Wattpad work for you? Is it the threads? The readers? The ease of posting? Drop me a line and let me know.  

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