Interview: Wattpad Author Anne Lutz

She has over 20k followers on Wattpad and a combined 3.9 million reads on her stories. Anne Lutz has made a name for herself by gathering a strong base of readers through her Young Adult novels with captivating romance plots and contemporary storylines that draw you in from the first sentence.
August is an exciting month for Anne as she will be publishing a few of her novels! To help her celebrate this amazing milestone, Wattmag is bringing you a feature article on her this issue.  We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to interview Anne and discuss her books, her writing process, and her plans for self-publishing!
Check out our interview with the lovely Anne below: 
Hi Anne! First of all, thanks so much for doing this interview! Congrats on the decision to self-publish some of your stories! Why did you decide to self-publish?
Thanks so much for having me! I am beyond excited to self-publish a few of my works this summer and coming fall. It was a big decision, but I know I have my readers' support in self-publishing. I wanted to have the control that comes with self-publishing, such as creating my own cover and choosing my editors. The books will be published exactly the way I want them to be, and that brings a lot of comfort.
We can't wait to see how that turns out! Do you have a favorite type of genre you like writing?
I absolutely love young adult fiction. Within that, I mostly write contemporary romance. Although I am also a big fan of writing science fiction and fantasy, contemporary is my true love. Something about the unique stories of the characters and the reality-based's just so comforting and exciting to write.
Out of all the character's you've ever written, which one do you feel like you can relate to the most?
That's a tough question! Most of my characters reflect a part of my personality, and the ones who don't represent the type of person I want to be. Finn (Sink or Swim) is a huge reflection of my personality as a freshman in high school. I was quiet, meek, and depressed, desperately hoping for a prince like Elliot to come save me. On the opposite side, I wrote the character of Chester (Being Different) because she was the type of girl I wanted to be. Spunky, confident, and unafraid of being unique.
What attracted you to writing books in the first place?
So many things attracted me to writing books. Mostly it was reading. My dad read to me when I was little, and by the age of eight, I wanted to create my own imaginary worlds and characters. I wrote short stories and many (many) beginnings to novels. Basically, I wanted to play pretend all day.
Imaginary worlds are great to get sucked into - we can't blame you! Do you have any writing essentials? 
Actually, no. I don't eat while I write (my computer is my baby), and I've tried listening to music while writing, but I always end up getting distracted and daydreaming instead. I will say that my bed is an essential, if that counts. I write so much better when I'm in my room, tucked under the covers.
Comfort is key. We're all about villains in this month's issue of Wattmag. Who is your favorite villain of all time? 
Ugh. Yes. Dolores Umbridge. She's just the worst. Honestly, I despised her more than Voldemort. She was simply horrid and inauthentic and cruel. JK Rowling did an amazing job on making her so, so hatable. Because how many of us know those people who are evil, but pretend to be perfect and angelic?!
We definitely agree. Umbridge was absolutely terrible - and there are many snarky people that put on that angel halo around others! Can you tell our readers a little about the books you plan to self-publish and how they can purchase them?
Yes! My books will be available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and similar platforms. If you want to head on over to my account (AnneLutz), the links will be in my bio.
Please check out Anne on Wattpad and be sure to keep an eye out for when her books are published later this month! She's definitely an author to keep on the radar and we look forward to seeing what the future has in store for her. 

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