Elsa: Cold as Ice

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Wow! It's absolutely amazing what you can Google
Wow! It's absolutely amazing what you can Google. While trying to find a gif of Alicia Keys, I found out there are several "the cold never bothered me anyway" images. Go figure. As I listen to one of my all time favorite "Girl Power" songs, I search more images in preparation for this month's article.
Listening to Alicia Keys belt out Girl on Fire from across the room on my smartphone, while playing in perfect synchronization on the Chromebook I borrowed from my daughter (weird how that magically happened), my fingers speed across the keyboard as I rock back and forward while tapping my toes in unison and tell myself for the millionth time, "No one can type like me." This is my zone... where I groove. If I was driving, I'd definitely get stopped. But, I'm more than certain I'd be able to write my way out of any ticket. Why? Because I know my strengths and I own my weaknesses. Kinda profound how that all came about, but nevertheless, I'm glad it did. Here's how:
Having spent the first week of August at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, I was taken away by the transformation that had taken place in the last 20 years. You see, at the tender age of 23, I was an intern at Disney's Hollywood Studios, formerly MGM Studios. To be able to return as a guest and take my children with me almost 20 years to the exact date I left was, to say the least, M*A*G*I*C*A*L. 
Now, at the age of 43, I can look back and reflect on those years
Now, at the age of 43, I can look back and reflect on those years. The season of wanting to be what everyone else required, to fit in instead of standing out, wanting to hide but too afraid to be covered up... to be left alone, but not necessarily by myself... Life is funny in that way. According to Soren Kierkegaard, it can be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards. Thinking about it now, I completely understand and totally agree. For that reason, I try to share as much as I can with every young girl or woman who will listen. "Never let anyone else put their own insecurities off on you," I tell my 17-year-old. "Their weakness is not your issue, nor is their pain your burden to bear."
While that may sound cold to some, many will understand. Everyone has their own unique talents that make them who they are. Special is what that is, and special is who they are. There comes a time in everyone's life where choices must be made. Whether you chose to lose or dare to win, the choice is yours to make. When you know who you are, you will choose wisely.
Take Elsa, for instance. While watching Disney's Frozen Experience (Sing-A-Long), I couldn't help but sing with my girls during the show. I'm quite certain, at times, I was louder than they were. Why? Because of all of Disney Royalty, Elsa is my favorite and only Queen. That's right! Everyone else is a Princess, but Elsa is QUEEN. She is my absolute most favorite of all Disney royalty. Did I say that already? Ok, I love Princess Tiana, too. Still, Elsa is QUEEN. Think about it. Snow White, Princess. Cinderella, Princess. Sleeping Beauty? Princess. Belle, Rapunzel, Jasmine... Princess, Princess, Princess. See, everyone else has always been a Disney Princess. Not Elsa. She just stepped on the scene and stole it! Because, at the end of the day, she owned it. She knew who she was, what she was capable of, and that no one could stop her from being her best self, even if she ended up alone. Remember this, sometimes being alone is the best gift you can give yourself. Separation is one of those things where you have to decide if you're better off by yourself or with someone else; oftentimes, it is in the quiet reflection of our deepest thoughts that we discover our greatest gifts. Being so cold that you become hot is an unlikely bonus. 
Sure, Elsa had it hard in the beginning
Sure, Elsa had it hard in the beginning. Who doesn't? I mean, to know you have the power to control the weather really is no different than knowing your voice could one day sell out Madison Square Garden is it? You couldn't quite turn an entire city into winter, but you could empower an entire culture, community or simply school. It all starts with knowing who you are and how to use your gifts. Take for example, when Elsa discovered the real strength of her power. She almost lost her sister in the discovery, but at the cost of hurting Anna again or hiding from the truth, she was compelled to stay in her room. That is, until the day of her coronation as Queen. Imagine how hard it must've been for Elsa; the only people who knew who she really was had perished years ago. Now, out of obligation, she had to live their lie or face her own truth. Imagine that. Now, imagine this...
When screaming "conceal don't feel, don't let them know," at the live Disney show, it clicked. Sometimes talent only needs a stage. Go out and build one. (Ooohhh. Ahhhh. Cheers. Applause.) There always comes a day of reckoning, my friends. It's called responsibility. Say it again... responsibility. Maybe that's why I love Elsa. Covered wounds don't heal and when she realized the power she had within, everyone else no longer mattered. What she needed, she found... only because she'd had it all along. Amazing how that works, right?! The one thing we all truly need is the only thing we oftentimes don't realize we already have. For me, that one thing was the power to create stories, to give life, and to inspire others to dream. I have known I was a writer since I was 12 years old; I just didn't believe I was a writer until this year. What manner of madness is that?! 
So, having said all this, remember your biggest fear can give life to your greatest potential
So, having said all this, remember your biggest fear can give life to your greatest potential. (I think I should write a book of quotes next. Anyone agree?) Free yourself to live. Release yourself from the false expectations of others and release others from your own illegitimate and unrealistic expectations, too, while you're at it. Why not? You only get one shot. Don't let someone else ruin it for you, and don't you ruin it for them either. I mean, really, could Elsa really have stayed in her room forever? Would Anna have let her? Go on! Take the gloves off, build an ice castle in the mountains, let your hair down, do a shimmy, and find a snowman to call Olaf. I'll spare you the Let It Go video, because if I sing that song one more time my kids are going to stuff marshmallows in my mouth. So, enjoy this one instead. Be Strong. Be Heard. Be Proud. #LemondadeMouth 
 You don't have to cover up. You don't have to hide. Feel, don't conceal. Besides, you're too hot for gloves!
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