The Wattpad Block Party / Interview with Kelly Anne Blount

Wattpad is shaping up to have an awesome time this month with the 'Wattpad Block Party' finally arriving. For those who don't know, it's a book on Wattpad that will contain a heap of awesome Wattpad writers who will share content and you can expect to see new posts up every day for the full month! There's all kind of things like bonus chapters, sneak peeks at new stories, fun articles, interesting short stories, and way, way more. 
We were lucky enough to speak to the event's creator and host KellyAnneBlount
We were lucky enough to speak to the event's creator and host KellyAnneBlount. Kelly is a USA Today bestselling author with quite a few novels under her belt and an impressive story to tell. One of her novels 'Under' was recently optioned for film. How awesome is that? I think it's every writer's dream to see their story come to life and to have that be a possibility for Kelly is super exciting. 
Without further adou, check out our chat with her below:
Hi Kelly! Thanks for taking a moment to talk to Wattmag! We're very excited to have you. Can you give a quick description of the Wattpad Block Party for our readers so they know what is it and what to expect? 
Kelly Anne Blount: The Wattpad Block Party - Summer Edition II is an epic online event featuring some of your all time favorite Wattpad Super Stars, USA TODAY Bestselling Authors, and up and coming Wattpad writers! 
Each author will be featured for a full day in August (2016). The authors will share a special post with you all right in the Wattpad Block Party book ( and they will interact with you throughout their feature day and the rest of the month! There will also be awesome giveaways! Everything from signed paperbacks, to naming a character after the winner, to book reviews of your novel, to gift cards! 
When Is It? 
The ENTIRE month of August 2016! 
Where Is It? 
RIGHT here --> 
Who Are the Featured Authors and Writers? 
*Check out the chapter, titled, "Line Up!" 
When Will the Giveaway Links Go Live? 
Giveaways are live! 🙂 Click here to check them out --> 
To check out the giveaways, posts, and more, be sure to add the Wattpad Block Party book to your library and follow me to receive updates! #WattpadBlockParty 
Do you have a favorite post from the WBP or a favorite type of post? 
KAB: I have had loads of favourite WBP posts over the past four events! 🙂 The crossover posts are always exciting and I love posts from cover designers, editors, etc. Learning about other's amazing talents is awesome and inspiring! 
They're all so great! I imagine it would be hard to narrow it down. What's your favorite part about hosting the WBP? 
KAB: I love how excited Wattpadders get about reading a post from their favourite authors to discovering new writers to follow! I also love giving back to the Wattpad community. Through unique posts to the giveaways to the Biggest Fan Contest, everything just puts a HUGE smile on my face! 
You're like the Wattpad version of Oprah. Always giving to an excited group of people! Let's talk about your own writing now. Many of your novels are very horror/thriller themed. What exactly attracted you to writing those kind of stories? 
KAB: I started writing horror and dark thriller stories after my good buddy AprylBaker7 introduced me to the world of Wattpad! Before that, I had only written YA Fantasy and NA Romance. 
I guess it's one of those 'and I never looked back' moments. We want to congratulate you on your novel 'Under' being optioned for film! One of its main characters Hadley Jasper is certainly an interesting character, what was your favorite part about writing her? 
KAB: Thank you so much! It's very exciting and I feel so incredible blessed to have both UNDER and CAPTURED optioned for film! The thing I really liked about Hadley, is that even though she has gone through a traumatizing event, the loss of her brother followed by her own kidnapping, she persists and remains strong. Her will to survive is strong... But is it enough? 
It's so cool to see a strong character like her in literature! She's definitely a favorite of ours. And finally, since we're all about villains in this month's issue, who is you favorite evil character of all time? 
KAB: Oooh! Excellent question! Hmmmm... There are loads of great villains out there, but one of my all time favourite evil characters is definitely The Joker! The portrayal by Heath Ledger is so incredibly disturbing and spot on! He uses fear to dominate the behavior of hundreds of not thousands of Gotham citizens. While there are those who brutally murder character after character, The Joker manages to terrorize many more people just through his threats and wicked games.

With so much going on this month, please take a moment to think of Kelly during all the madness and show her some love and appreciation for all the hard work she's been doing. We couldn't be any prouder to feature her in our mag and admire all the time and effort she's been putting into this.   
Check out the Wattpad Block Party right now and be sure to add a few of KellyAnneBlount's books to your library while you're at it. They're definitely worth the read! 

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